Most frequent questions and answers

Founded in 2018, NorthCode Solutions is the company that develops and delivers Ceesaw, the automation enhancement software.

Ceesaw empowers your power users by giving them a Controlled Execution Environment for Scripting and Automation Workflows…  get it?  Ceesaw allows your team to write scripts, share permissions on who can run them, and provide a stable execution environment so everyone has the same experience.  “It works on my machine” will be an excuse of the past.

At its core, Ceesaw relies on the following technologies:

  • Nodejs
  • RabbitMQ

Granted, there’s a lot of secret sauce that goes into the build.  If you want to learn more, contact us today and we can send you our architecture docs.

Start by sending an email to info@northcodesolutions.com and we can schedule your demo.  We’ll work with your teams to address their needs and provide an environment where automation and scripting can be something that increases the output of all of your team members.